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Complete HTML Editor with web & task management, CSS/HTML/JS editing tools...

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

WonderHTML is a complete raw HTML Editor with full web/file/task management and lots more. NEW! Check for broken links in the page, or incorrect HTML coding!
Reports invalid tags, incorrect nesting, improper syntax, etc. CSS Editor allows you to edit CSS files and manipulate every detail; Properties window allows you
to edit properties such as colours, BGSOUND, etc. All open documents are analyzed and on-the-fly HTML and Script outlines are generated for quick access and
navigation. It has an in-built image viewer with support for BMP, JPEG and GIF images. Complete help system is implemented with a custom help viewer in pure code. Supports multiple undo/redo, macros, custom buttons, lots more. Powerful find/replace/find in files feature. Shows file information. Converts HTML to ASCII by
removing tags (lately this can be performed as a batch operation). You can now add or remove browsers and use the one you want for previewing. CUSTOM FONT! Install to
your fonts folder and WonderHTML will display it in the dialogs! Colour Fader that fades the text you put in between the colours of your choice. COMPLETE REPORTING:
Shows files in the web with info, status of broken or unknown links in all pages, large files (you can set the size limit) and media-related files in the web. Nice new tip of the day dialog. Converts typed URLs to functional
links AS YOU TYPE. New splash screen, smaller filesize, lighter graphics. Fixed bug in subfolder proc (DirDiver) used in almost all folder-search activities. Improved HTML Outlining and script outlining. Load file from
Remote Server! You can now import files from other folders, including subfolders! Comes with in-built templates that you can use for creating webs. NEW! Custom Help Viewer Integrated into the app. IMPORT FILES! You can now import files from other locations (with subfolders). Removed the Tab control in the editor window - you can toggle HTML view and preview
using Ctrl+W. Add buttons to the HTML toolbar, which insert specified text on click. OPEN FILE FROM CURRENT LINE! Auto line indent from previous line's indentation level. Go to line (w/ all sorts of options). Configure
editors to handle specific file types. Open a file with the editor you want. Generates list of files in the web - *with subfolders*. AWESOME TASK MANAGEMENT. Insert date & time (automatically updates on open/save!). Printing and Print Preview. Changed undo-redo code to that of Bart Lorang (my original is still there: cUNDO.cls in the source). Goto Last position *upto 25-pos memory*. Can convert plain URLs to functional links automatically as you type.

Original Author: Sushant Pandurangi

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Visual Basic 6

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