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HelpACoder Update 2 now with upload and more.. ERRORS FIXED..

Sorry there was an error i fixed it though
it did not load all files does now. Also
i know you cant upload but if you run the
program anyways you can find the source
always newest and with exe and with that you
can upload.
Updates since last version:
New Version supports the uploading of files
has a form made entirely for uploading files
also sends a copy to a nrequest file which
i can and will soon make to filter out whether
something should be there as well as a manual
check once in a while.
Also added a email option to where you can
respond to someone with a question
Future Version:
i would not only like the email but for people
asking help i would like to make it so that they
can have a seperate place where they can look at
all responses.
Old Version:
1.ListView used rather that three listboxes
2.Now downloads files if possible
3.Added a refresh command in the menu so theres no longer a large buton at the bottom
4.Now provides info on the projects
5.Now asks six questions
B.Project name
2.Help Me
E.Extra information on the project
F.Location for download - has a function to automatically download
Future versions:
1.New Layout
2.Auto add - allows you to add your program without the hassle e-mail
3.Tell me what you think should be here
4.Or even here
I would Appreciate any comments you may have good or bad but
with any bad comments tell a possible solution

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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