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Windows XP clone command buttons, option buttons, and check boxes.-- MAJOR UPDATE!!! (finally)

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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I'm finally updating this submission! I have completely redone all three controls. The command button is more richer, has more of the "feel" of the acutal Windows XP command button. I noticed previously it flickered, not anymore! I'm completely drawing these buttons to the user control, so there is no flicker. I was also using a timer to detect when a mouse entered and exited the control, which was a bad idea. I'm now using a different method. On these controls you can set the ForeColor, BackColor, and Font properties. Responds just like actual Windows XP buttons. This is a major improvement from my last submission. Well anyway, hope you enjoy these, now everybody can take advantage of the appealing Windows XP look.
NOTE: In the screenshot, the controls on the left are the cloned ones :-) Can't really tell a difference, can ya?

Original Author: Andrew Christiansen

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