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__3D Car Racing Game!__

I wasn't planning on posting it, But I decided to anyways! It's a 3D racing game Made with Direct3D 7 (if you don't know how to use d3d, read my tutorial here on it). It is VERY important that you save all the Jpeg files that comes with the zip as .bmp files. I did this to save space in the zip file. It would have been 3MB if I didn't. To play, Click the left mouse button to excelerate, and move the mouse right and left to steer! It isn't complete though, there is no collision detection, and some other 'small' not bugs, but un finnished parts. Have fun!
YOU WILL HAVE TO DL THE TEXTURES FROM SGDCENTER.COM (I'll have a link right on the Homepage) The textures were too large to upload to PSC, so thats why.

Original Author: Matt Carpenter


Note: Dl the texture pack at thats because the textures were too large to upload to PSC. They are about 200 killobytes.
You will also have to convert them to .bmps to work (to save space when I upload) Thanx for being patient!

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