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_A mdi non activating reduceable toolbar (like photoshop or dreamweaver ) no ocx ! + subclass child

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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mdi non activating & reduce toolbar example (kind of like (photoshop or dreamweaver toolbars)
This tutorial shows how to create non-activating toolbars in a mdi app. You can hide, reduce the toolbars, and they do not appear in the menu windowlist.
There is no subclassing for the non activating toolbars, and no ocx are used, just a couple of API.
There is also an example of subclassing all the child windows on the fly when creating them. That lets you specify a minimum size for all the child windows !
There is no subclassing, and no ocx are used, just a couple of (easy) API.

Original Author: Julien Lecomte

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