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Ashleys Webserver

(OBSOLETE! see 'a complete perl, php and asp webserver' on this site) The FIRST webserver on PSC that supports form posting! (see
screenshot). It currently supports perl cgi. Also supported are directory
listings, custom front pages, custom error pages. It also supports flash,
pdf, realmedia, mp3s, avi's, etc. Included is a useless but amusing
'loveclaculator.cgi' I built (basically to prove form submission works). You
could host a full website here! I'm using it to 'preview' cgi-enabled
websites before uploading them to the http server, although, you could host
a full website on it. Perl must be installed on your system, and in your
msdos PATH variable (see contained instructions).
Currently, the server only supports GET without modification of your CGI
scripts, although, a full range of $ENV variables are available to your CGI
scripts (query_string, remote_addr, server_port, server_addr, etc.) (see
screenshot). and GET is suitable for almost every operation. Just file
uploading from a form is impossible, but, I'm working on it.
This release is a major jump from the last one, with directory listing, more
$ENV variables, custom 404 pages, and full support for sub directories (with
/../ protection).
Please download and tell me what you think, or, better, use it.

Original Author: Ashley Harris

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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