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Biggest common "mistake" in VB - update Jan 16

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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This is just an update to the nice piece of code submitted by VF-fCRO on 1/12/2002. I simply added some small features (elapsed time, a different way to loop, minor text edits, etc). Doesn't really change the purpose of the original, just adds a few touches to it. the original is at
I wouldn't really entitle VF-fCRO's submission a "mistake"; he/she actually submitted a demonstration of a better way to handle concatenating strings with a far faster technique, and it doesn't use and API calls or weird, esoteric methods.

Original Author: Brian Battles WS1O


Faster way to handle string concatenation than what many people might consider the "default" technique. Can make a big difference, and might give you other ideas for optimizing your code.

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