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PassProgram (UPDATE)

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

The first password you need to enter is "PASSWORD" (match case)
People tell me that the program (the old one) is easy to break through. Because of this, wanted to send me some code to help. This updated version: Disables ctrl+alt+del in 9x/ME/XP/NT, Disables Alt+TAB, Disables Ctrl+Esc, Disables Moving mouse out of window, Disables Regedit when using login, and finally, Uses SetTimer API call so when message boxes are displayed they will not halt timer for disabling functions.

Original Author: Alex Wied (PcExpert)


The first password you need to enter is "PASSWORD" (match case)

Side Effects

NOTE: It is impossible to decode the password if you loose it. The hash mark is different on every computer, so you can not replace the finger print from a finger print from another computer.

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Visual Basic 6

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