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Database Image Viewer

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

This is a Image Viewer that enable you to view images from a file or
images that was placed in an Access database. Images that is placed in the
access database can be proteced by a security level. Allowing only certain
users access to that image. Also images that is in database does not need
the origional used to place it in the database.

Functions of File based image
Open single Image and enlarge image on the screen
Create Thumbnails of entire directory sorting out none picture formats
View each Thumbnail by itself as single image and enable you to enlarge it
Create a slideshow from a entire directory or from the thumbnails you
are viewing.
Functions of Database images
Allow you to place images in database based on dirrent image type
Image types has three levels
First Level - Image Main Type - Transportation
Second Level - Image Sub Type - Vehicles
Third Level - Image Sub Minimum Type - Cars
Import all images from a directory and place them directly in image types
that you want.
Export all images saved in a specific image type to a directory
Allow you to create Thumbnails of images in database
Allow you to create a SlideShow from images in the database

Database is also password protected and not able to open with Access
Enable you to Create Users and assign a security level to that user
Create main Image types (First Level) and assign a security level to that
image type, only user above that security level may then access that
image type
Multiple level security system placed in the application allows you to
restrict access to all major function of the application involved with
the database.

Original Author: Tertius Klopper

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Visual Basic 6

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