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NASM Editor, assembler & Tutorial

NASM Editor, assembler & Tutorial by Robert Rayment. (Version 3.4) This is an MDI RTB editor specifically for creating and producing pure machine code and DLLs for use with VB. I've written it because nearly all the refs on the Web are for DOS-asm, C-asm and All asm Windows progs. These are mostly confusing and none of it is needed to write useful VB-asm progs. nasmw.exe is needed to make full use of this package (Latest Web refs for NASM are given (NB Can also be obtained from In the pack there is a Help file (make sure to read Requirements about the placement of nasmw.exe and other progs), a Tutor file and a crib for all the NASM mnemonics. Bin files ( called in VB using CallWindowProc) and DLL files can be created with temporary files to clear errors and then permanent files. Starter stub files for Bins and DLLs are menued. There are also 5 Bin examples and 7 DLLs showing a variety of ways that these can be written, in particular the NASM syntax. Reference code for the editor was taken from all over the place. If you're a beginner there's still a lot of work to do before you can write useful asm progs but, hopefully, this will get you over the first hurdles. Good luck! Win98, Zip 120KB.

Original Author: Robert Rayment


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