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NAT Solutions

NAT Solutions are a collection of NAT (Network Address Translation) programs that I have written. This includes a TCP Portmapper, UDP Portmapper, and a TCP Router. When used correctly these programs can allow Network computers access to internet Ports/IPs or even more!
This is the only NAT(Network Address Translation)/ICS(Internet Connection Sharing) code you will find on PSC. I am the only one that even atempted to write this software and post it!
Here is a list of all the programs included in the download and their functions/examples of how to use them:
TCP portmapper:
Maps a Specific LAN Port to a specific Internet port.
Example of use:
1) Set Internet IP to
2) Set Private IP(LAN IP) to
3) Set Port to 80
4) Open Webbrowser to http://localhost
You just made your computer a private Google
UDP portmapper:
Maps a specified Interent UDP port to specific UDP LAN Port.
Example of use:
N/A - Dont know any apps that use UDP protocol
Maps a specific Internet/Private IP to a specific Port.
Example Of Use:
1) Set IP to
2) Set Port to 80
3) Open Webbrowser to http://localhost
You just made your computer a Google Server!(Any computer - even on the net can acces google by typing http://[Internet IP] - If your IP is Public(Internet IP)!
I am looking for VB programmers to help me program a Multiplayer gaming network by the name of BioNet (It is not a Trojan!) If you are fimilar with VB's winsock control PLEASE e-mail me at or visit my website:
I Want To Hear Your Ideas So, Please Comment!

Original Author: Aaron Couture

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