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Telemtry Control

This program controls a remote unit across a range. The OFF button sends a "FF" and expects an "FF" within 1/3 of a second otherwise it times out.
The reason I uploaded this is because I could not find a serial program that worked using MSCOMM and ONCOM event.
I did have trouble at first until I read that Microsoft has Rthreshold default as '0'-- it needs to be '1' for the received data event to be captured
I realise this is a very simple program, but it WORKS.
To check this out place a wire/short between pins 2 and 3 on your DB9 serial port. This will route TX to RX on the same port.
I limited it to COM1 and Com2 but others can be added.
I hope this helps someone trying to use the serial port.

Original Author: Terry S. Wade


Serial port DB9 pins 2 and 3


Place a wire between pins 2 and 3 on your com1 or com2 DB9 port.


data from the serial port

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