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PadString Any Side

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Pads a string with any character you like. I usually use it to pad numbers with leading zeros. But you can use it for other things.

Original Author: VisualProgman


Input ltring, length of return string, pad character, and side to pad


a string

Side Effects

No matter howmany characters in the pstrChar your pad character is the first character of pstrChar.

API Declarations

Public Enum enPadString
End Enum


Public Function PadString(pstrInput As String, _
  pintWidth As Integer, _
  pstrChar As String, _
  Optional penSidetoPad As enPadString = pdLeft) As String
  'PadString("12345", 10, "0") = "0000012345"
  'PadString("12345", 10, "0", pdRight)) = "1234500000"
  'Declare Variables
  Dim strTemp As String
  'End Declares
  'Creates a string to the length of
  'pintWidth of the first character
  'of pstrChar.
  strTemp = String$(pintWidth, pstrChar)
  'Check to see what side to pad?
  If penSidetoPad = pdRight Then
    PadString = Left$(pstrInput & strTemp, pintWidth)
    PadString = Right$(strTemp & pstrInput, pintWidth)
  End If
End Function 'PadString

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