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Variable Pointers 32-Bit in VB! Really easy!

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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With vbpointers32.dll, you can now use 32 bit pointers in vb. A pointer is a
reference to a variable, like those in C. VB doesn 't let you do this, but
you can get around this. You can do it the VarPtr() ways combined with
Copymemory (the hard way) or you can do it the easy way with this dll.
vbpointers32.dll lets you reference a variable thats less than or equal to
32 bits, like a byte, integer, long, single and booleans (no objects or
strings yet), and put it into a long variable! You can also do arrays,
multi-dim arrays and types! This is my first submission to PSC. By the way,
check out my profile. PLEASE VOTE AND LEAVE COMMENTS!
Side Effects:
If you misuse the dll you might crash vb or vb will skip the line.

Original Author: speedy5

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