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KuDos - KaZaa Leecher

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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Download files from KaZaa users without having to be connected to the KaZaa network. Features include: Search, Browsing, Download queue, etc. Currently only downloades one file at a time but you can add multiple files to a queue so that they will be downloaded automatically. You also have the ability to send KuDos to the system try while downloading. I used the IP Scanner code from James (A little buggy but thanks | and I used the Downloader OCX provided by Sean (Awsome code! | I also used a Tray Icon Module (can't remember where I got it :( sorry). Could be improved by adding a faster search, multiple download's, etc. Oh Ya, Please vote `,:0)

Original Author: Tom Bishop


I have included all icons/bas modules with zip. Might need to download the Downloader OCX which can be found here:

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