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_Word counter 100% Error free! I dare you to find a flaw!

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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Not like other cra*py word counters. You cant fool this one. Here are some errors i fixed that i saw in other word counters. If you still see an error in mine please inform me!
1) In some counters "This is a test" will read 10 words. Why? it counts the double/triple/etc... spaces in between.
2)On some if you add spaces to the end, it wont count them as words
3)It counts the first word, unlike some
5)If you add spaces to the beggining of the word it wont count as an extra word.
6)Typing no text will not result in counting 1 word unlike some counters
7)typing all spaces will not result in 1 or 2 words unlike some.
Well there are the errors ive seen and fixed, please inform me of more errors if you spot them.

Original Author: Kurt Serge

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