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A complete Perl, + PHP, SSI and ASP webserver (be your own geocities!)

Posted: 2002-06-01
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VB6 Code Cache

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Several webservers here support CGI. but this is the ONLY one that supports FORM POSTING (get/POST), REDIRECTION!, FILE UPLOADING!, COOKIES!, RESUME DOWNLOADS!, STREAMING SUPPORT! SERVER SIDE INCLUDES! SENDMAIL! PERL! PHP! ASP!. Plus the usual webserver features (multiple silmultanious connections, images, flash, pdf, audio, movies, directory browsing (with simple filters), html files, 404 pages, pause feature, javascript!, etc) If a website works on apache (or anything less), 95% of the time it'll work on this without any modifications! (no .htaccess, sendmail in diff place, diff filesystem, some ASP missing)
OVER 200kb OF CODE (ASP, PHP, PERL, HTML, SSI, JS, VB6, C++) is included. and things like mx lookup (email without smtp server) are included.
(a vote would be nice...)
NOTE: set runperl = false if you dont have perl! (same for php)

Original Author: Ashley Harris

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