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Australian Weather Moniter v1.66

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Australian weather moniter version 1.66 will moniter any Australian city that has a weather station there.

Once you select your closest city, radar map location and weather station, weather moniter will tell you the current conditions. This includes the current temperature, dewpoint temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed, wind gusts, barometer pressure, rainfall, weather warnings, radar image, synoptic chart, 5 day forecast, lightning tracker and the cloud cover over Australia. As you can see, weather moniter contains many features packed into this small compact program. A guick glimpse of the system tray icon tells you the current weather. If you hover over it, you will see something like "Brisbane: Partly Cloudy 20 Degrees".

If you disconnect from the net, weather moniter will use its previous data until another connection is made. The default time to update weather moniter is every 10 minutes. This as well as many other options can be changed through the options. This can even be run at startup if you create a shortcut in the startup folder and add the parameter "Startup" (without quotes) to the commandline. Also, when new updates come out, liveupdate will update when you run it. Weather Moniter now supports a weather report generator for web sites.

It creates the html file and then uploads it. Xp Style buttons are fixed and run without placing code in the form_mousemove. Ftp Uploading is now fixed. "Xp Button application error" fixed when user presses pause while program is running. Fixed up Lightning tracker and cloud cover radars. Changed the way weather moniter first installs: downloads all required config files from ftp server to save space and is much easier for me to update it that way. Auto live update takes care of new versions of weather moniter. Added proxy support now! Fixed up errors with proxy. Fixed Severe storms flashing tray. XP Buttons control now encoded back into project. Added new icon set for windows 2000/XP. Fixed auto resize when updating. Added icon selection for main window. Added commentry for synoptic chart, cloud cover and a storm tracker. Please vote.

Original Author: Michael Manning


Startup if running at startup to let program know its running at
startup and to show no loading screen. Place in startup folder.
"weathermoniter.exe Startup"

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Visual Basic 6

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