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Quotes in Strings

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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If you ever wanted to have a string with quotes inside this is a handy tip.

Original Author: JoshD


To use quotes within strings. ie.

Call me "Bob" OK

This is hard to define within vb as quotes define the start and end of a string so:

talk = "Call me "Bob" OK"

wont work. You can get around this by usings its ascii value (Chr(34) is equivalent to a quote) however there is an easier way, using double and triple quote marks.

A double quote within a text string will add a quote into the text so

MsgBox "Hello ""Bob""!"

Will display

Hello "Bob"!

This also works at the start of a string so

MsgBox """Bob"""

Will display


This is a simple tip but will save you alot of effort.

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