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Serial Reader

Posted: 2002-06-01
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VB6 Code Cache

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Piracy is a big threat for all programmers.
One of the preventional steps followed is to let program run on only a particular harddisk. If the user copies the program or even compies complete harddisk to any other computer our program should not run. But how can it be done. Obvoiusly by allowing our program to run on Drive with a particular serial no. Software checks the particular serial no each time it is executed. And if the serial no is not the same, the software doesnt execute any further. So here I have tried to make a program that simpy reads the Serial No of any Drive. And yes ! the code is very little, well commented and easy to understand !
Plz Vote if you like ! And also your suggestions are most valuable for me...

Original Author: Vikrant Thakker


The Serial No. of a particular Drive !

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