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Progress Bar Non-OCX

Fill the progressbar up to the percent given.

Original Author: Slikk


You need to add the PictureBox to a form and that's about it.


Progressbar value.


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Public Sub UpdateProgress(pBar As PictureBox, Percent As Single, Optional ByVal ShowPercent = False)
Dim sData As String
If Not pBar.AutoRedraw Then '//no memory?
pBar.AutoRedraw = -1 'nope, we make some
End If
pBar.Cls '//clear memory
pBar.ScaleWidth = 100 'set scale's width
pBar.DrawMode = 10 '//set draw modus
If ShowPercent = True Then
sData$ = Format(Percent, "###0") + "%" '//format percent
pBar.CurrentX = 50 - pBar.TextWidth(sData$) 'set the currentX for the progress
pBar.CurrentY = pBar.ScaleHeight - pBar.TextHeight(sData$) 'set the currentY for the progress
Debug.Print sData$ 'show percent in debug window
End If
pBar.Line (0, 0)-(Percent, pBar.ScaleHeight), , BF
End Sub
'Call UpdateProgress (Picture1, 50, False)

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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