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StrCount function

Posted: 2003-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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Function that counts the occurrance of a given phrase in a larger string.
(I needed this function and couldn't find anything like it in MSDN for VB)

Original Author: Bjorn van den Heuvel


cToSearch: The string to search.
cSearchPhrase: The phrase to count


Included the check on the length of the SearchPhrase, in order to prevent a division by zero.


The number of occurrances found.


Public Function StrCount(ByVal cToSearch As String, ByVal cSearchPhrase As String) As Long
Dim nDifference As Long  ' The difference in length after the replace

' Is there anything to search?
If Len(cSearchPhrase) > 0 Then
  nDifference = Len(cToSearch) - Len(Replace(cToSearch, cSearchPhrase, ""))
  StrCount = nDifference / Len(cSearchPhrase)
  StrCount = 0
End If

End Function

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