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Users on an MS Access Database

These Functions will allow you to determine WHO is logged on to the Acces Database as well as HOW MANY users are logged-in. As always the code is FREE, if you want support can consult me in my professional capacity. ENJOY

Original Author: Brian Gillham


Public Function EmptyRS(ByVal oRS) As Boolean
  On Error Resume Next
  'Checks for an EMPTY RecordSet
  EmptyRS = True
  If Not oRS Is Nothing Then
    EmptyRS = ((oRS.BOF = True) And (oRS.EOF = True))
  End If
End Function
Public Function GetDBUsers() As ADODB.Recordset
  ' NOTES: Fields as follows
  ' 0 - COMPUTER_NAME:  Workstation
  ' 1 - LOGIN_NAME:    Name used to Login to DB
  ' 2 - CONNECTED:    True if Lock in LDB File
  ' 3 - SUSPECTED_STATE: True if user has left database in a suspect state(else Null)
  On Error GoTo LocalError
  Const JET_SCHEMA_USERROSTER = "{947bb102-5d43-11d1-bdbf-00c04fb92675}"
  ' Return a Disconnected RecordSet
  If cnADO.State = adStateOpen Then
    Set GetDBUsers = cnADO.OpenSchema(adSchemaProviderSpecific, , JET_SCHEMA_USERROSTER)
    Set GetDBUsers.ActiveConnection = Nothing
  End If
End Function
Public Function GetDBUserCount() As Long
  On Error GoTo LocalError
  Dim lRS As ADODB.Recordset
  Set lRS = GetDBUsers
  If Not EmptyRS(lRS) Then
    GetDBUserCount = lRS.RecordCount
  End If
  Set lRS = Nothing
End Function

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