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xVNC is a remote desktop viewer without installation on client for nt/xp/2k

Posted: 2003-06-01
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xVNC (GPL License) is an extension to TightVNC in vb6 visual basic that copies, installs, configures and executes and also removes the vnc system on/from a remote machine. Access to domain administrators and limited to local machine, imports reg-files to remote registry silently, lists all viewable nt clients/servers in workgroup/domain, runas included.
please vote and give feedback if this is the tool you are looking for. Complete Open Source with CVS...

Original Author: preneco


new Release Stable V02

Sorry I couldn't
upload the source up to

so if you want the documentation please visit:

Project Home Page
or Source
Code and Installer

  • xvnc is an
    application for win-nt based networks including tcp/ip.

  • it's like a
    remote installer and executor of tightvnc(search at sourfeforge for that tool)
    for nt/2k/xp machines.

  • it automatically
    shows all available servers in your domain or workgroup and gives

  • the administrator
    the privilege to install, configure and start the tightvnc system on a remote

  • after the remote
    session the tightvnc system will be removed from the remote system.

  • also remote
    registry import is provided.

  • you can run
    the application as another user on the local machine.

  • the remote
    user will optionally be asked for access if it's no server or to delete the
    local vnc settings if it is installed yet.

  • the application
    uses a random password that is automatically 3des encrypted to view the remote
    pc without any password input for the user.

  • the tool is
    just an extension to tightvnc 1.2.6 or any later version and is provided to
    system/domain administrators and limited to the machine the installation comes
    from (so that no other can share the session or read the password remotely)

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