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MultiPlex Scripting host with full win32 API support, multiple language interaction and more.

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

*** source code can be downloaded from ***
Multiplex is a complete scripting virtual machine. After a year of development, the full source code has been released. It intigrates JavaScript and VBScript into the one script and allows both to communicate. Among the notable features is the integration of the Win32 api, allowing the scripting application to have full unrestricted access the the interface. The 'section' based code structure allows for fluent, orderly code structure and a degree of 'readableness'. The interface allows VBScript to access the more advanced and usefull features of C such as sprintf. Further, .def files that are linked into the script at runtime allow for symbolic contants to be defined, both numerical and alphnumerical. The class based structure allows for an easily extendable interface, in true object-oriented style.
Several samples are included that demonstrate the basic features, the best one is in the SamplesWelcome! folder.
With a few lines of code, the script can define an api and call it. A sample of the code is below:
Dim SetWindowText
SetWindowText = CWin32.CreateCall("USER32", "SetWindowTextA", "Long, String")
CWin32.Call SetWindowText, hWnd, "caption here"
Classes created include:
CCommon - time, date functions
CConsole - formated console io
CConvert - atof, String to Long, etc
CDebug - Assert, Print
CFileIO - Open, get, seek, put, clode etc
CFileSystem - FileLen, Date, Attributes, Dir, MkDir, Rename, SetAttrib etc
CForm - create, hwnd, position, caption, size, controls etc
CLib - sprintf, memcpy, memcmp, strcat, strcmp etc
CMath - Log, Cos, Random, Round, Tan, Sqrt, Timer etc
CPlatform - Owner, name, version etc.
CRegistry - readkey, writekey
CScript - script filename, script size
CScriptEngine - name, version
CSharedMem - vPut, vSet, vGet
CString - trim, replace, putch,join, reverse, etc
CType - IsString, IsNumber, etc
CWin32 - CreateCall, Call, test, etc
The program is almost complete.
Debuging and error checking is still very basic. As usural, full source is provided. All comments are welcome. I view this as a professional quality application, and all input is welcome.
Requirements: MS Script control foor VBScript and JavaScript support (included)
There are to many features to write about - it is best to try it for yourself. Enjoy, and remember to vote if you like it!!!!
Please run the .bat file inside the zip to install the control!!!
****I have tried 3 times to upload the code, but each time I get a "500 Internal Server Error". I have hosted the full source code on my site, and it can be downloaded below:

Original Author: jbay101


First: run the .bat file to install the msscript.ocx control.
To use: Once installed, double-click on the script file you wish to run in explorer. To re-install, run the bat file again or to reassoicate the scripts with MultiPlex, run "MultiPlex -install"


The full source code is available from:

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Visual Basic 6


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