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Stop Net Send (Pop Up) Messages!

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

This article tells you how to either permit or deny the sending of messages to your computer, also known as Net Sends.

Original Author: Daniel W. Elkins


How to stop net send messages!

Have you ever had a message box pop up on your computer screen, advertising a product or telling you to goto their site ? I have,
and I found it very annoying. It didn't take me too long to find out how this was happening, and how to stop it; but I think it's
something everyone should know how to do because this method of advertising will just keep getting more popular. While you could
probably just turn on a firewall and stop it, there is no need. There are two methods of preventing these annoying messages that I
know of, here they are :

Method #1

1.) Click on your, "Start" menu.

2.) Goto, "Control Panel".

3.) In there you should see an icon for, "Administrative Tools" or, "Computer Management" depending on what version of Windows
you're running; double click it.

4.) Somewhere in there you should see an icon for, "Services", double click it.

5.) Scroll down and find the service called, "Messenger".

6.) Right click it and goto, "Properties".

7.) In the combo (drop-down) box for, "Startup Type" select, "Manual".

8.) Click the button labeled, "Stop". Ta-da!

Method #2

1.) Click on your, "Start" menu.

2.) Goto, "Run".

3.) Type the following without quotations, "Net Stop Messenger" (Type "Net Start Messenger" to start the service).

4.) Pat yourself on the back for choosing the quicker method. :)

Or you can download my very simple utility I created in VB 6.0 to do this all for you :

Sorry if this isn't the most informative tutorial that could be here; but I thought it would come useful to some. Hope it helps! :)

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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