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Titan Web Server

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Titan Web Server 1.3
made by steven dorman

Original Author: steven dorman


This is my program i made in about 2 days.
Its a http webserver that supports PHP, PERL and my own simply language (still under heavy development) called PSI.
It also has alot of extra neat features you can use.
This 2 day project has gotten bigger, and now im on version 1.3, and its still being made better.
I Released this program under the GNU Public Licence, so it has the source code included.
My Website hosts all the vb made server apps, all free including source.
If you wish to see updateds made by me , go there , or to downloaded the latest version go there. Ill let you go there to download it instead of downloading off psc.
this applys to version 1.3.
Current Package size = 200 - 300 kb. including source code, htdocs, docs, and binaries.
Please read the txt files in the docs folder.They have alot of info about how to use my server.
other info:
This was NOt made by the same makers as Titan FTP Server.
If you think you may get a virus from the binaries, just run the source :P
alright, PLEASE vote. vote however, i just want any votes that are your true oppinion on my program. also please leave comments. id love to se what you think!

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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