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Easy Outlook E-Mail w/Attachment

To send an e-mail with outlook with an attachment. Very easy to understand instructions.

Original Author: Dino Roger


'This is a simple way to use the Outlook reference to send an e-mail with an attachment
'Set the Boolean to true at the end of the SendMail function call to display the e-mail
'instead of automatically sending it.
'* Check the box next to "Microsoft Outlook ## Object Library
'* Copy the below code into a form
Function SendMail(EM_TO, Em_CC, EM_BCC, EM_Subject, EM_Body, EM_Attachment As String, Display As Boolean)
Dim objOA As Outlook.Application
Dim objMI As Outlook.MailItem
Dim obgAtt As Outlook.Attachments
Set objOA = New Outlook.Application
Set objMI = objOA.CreateItem(olMailItem)
If EM_TO <> "" Then objMI.To = EM_TO
If Em_CC <> "" Then objMI.CC = Em_CC
If EM_BCC <> "" Then objMI.BCC = EM_BCC
If EM_Subject <> "" Then objMI.Subject = EM_Subject
If EM_Body <> "" Then objMI.Body = EM_Body
If EM_Attachment <> "" Then objMI.Attachments.Add EM_Attachment, 1, , EM_Attachment
If Display Then
End If
Set objOA = Nothing
Set objMI = Nothing
End Function
Private Sub Form_Load()
'How to call the SendMail function. If you do not want a function of the main just use two quotes and a comma
'instead of filling the string variable. Example of a call with a To only:
'SendMail "", "", "", "", "", "", True
'The code represented here will error unless a real attachment path is specified.
SendMail "", "", "", "SUBJECT", "BODY", "C:Attachment.txt", False
End Sub

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