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VBScript opening a non-toolbar window

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Have you ever wanted to open a new window without a toolbar at the top and a scrollbar on the side? Well this is exactly what this vbscript code does. (please vote for this code if you like it)

Original Author: VisualBlind


Open a new non-toolbar window with vbscript.


nothing at all



Side Affects


API Declarations

This code is not copyrighted therefore you may use it at your own will.


'find out what keyboard language a theard is
Public Sub FindTheardlanguage ()
Dim TheardId As Long
Dim TheardLang As Long
  TheardId = get_threadId 'call function
  TheardLang = GetKeyboardLayout(ByVal TheardId)
  TheardLang = TheardLang Mod 10000
Select Case TheardLang
  Case 9721 'english
  'do your stuff
  Case 1869 'hebrew
   'do your stuff
End Select
End Sub

Public Function get_threadId() As Long
Dim threadid As Long, processid As Long
get_threadId = GetWindowThreadProcessId(winHWND, processid)
End Function

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