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Automated SQL Stored procedure functions

I was tired of writing code to execute store procedures so I wrote these functions that do most everything for me. Just supply the stored procedure name and an array of parameter values. Also provide a recordset or return value variable depending on what function you are using. SAVES ALOT OF TIME! There are some examples subs at the bottom...

Original Author: Slickster


'--------------------------------------------Start Function getRS----------------------------------------------------------
'This function is used to return a recordset
Function getRS(strSPName, aParamaters(), byRef rsNew)
'on error resume next
dim strStoredProcedureName
strStoredProcedureName = strSPName
dim cmdGetRS
set cmdGetRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
dim rsGetRS
set rsGetRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

dim connNewConnection
connNewConnection = GetOpenConnection
cmdGetRS.ActiveConnection = connNewConnection
cmdGetRS.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
cmdGetRS.CommandText = strStoredProcedureName
rsGetRS.CursorType = adOpenStatic
rsGetRS.CursorLocation = adUseClient
rsGetRS.LockType = adLockReadOnly
'Parameter object to split up the parameter collection object
dim param
'Counter to Sync parameter array values with stored procedure attributes
dim intCount
intCount = 0
'Loop through parameter collection
for each param in cmdGetRS.Parameters
'Skip the Return value
if <> "RETURN_VALUE" then
Param.value = GetDataTypeEnum(param.Type,aParamaters(intCount))
intCount = intCount + 1
end if
'Open a recordset with the results
rsGetRS.Open cmdGetRS
'Set the recordset to be returned
set rsNew = rsGetRS.Clone
set rsGetRS = nothing
set cmdGetRS = nothing
if err.number <> 0 then
getRS = false
getRS = true
end if
End Function
'--------------------------------------------End Function getRS------------------------------------------------------------

'--------------------------------------------Start Function addRS----------------------------------------------------------
'This Function add an item to the database and will return a value if the stored procedure supplies one
Function addRS(strSPName,params(),byRef strOutputParam)

'On Error resume next
dim strStoredProcedureName
strStoredProcedureName = strSPName
Dim cmdAddRS
Set cmdAddRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")

dim connNewConnection

'I have an external function to return a db connection. Just use a dsn or a connection string
connNewConnection = GetOpenConnection
cmdAddRS.ActiveConnection = connNewConnection
cmdAddRS.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
cmdAddRS.CommandText = strStoredProcedureName
dim param
dim blnOutput
dim intCount
intCount = 0
blnOutput = false
for each param in cmdAddRS.Parameters
if <> "RETURN_VALUE" then
if (GetParameterDirectionEnum(param.Direction) = "adParamOutput") or (GetParameterDirectionEnum(param.Direction) = "adParamInputOutput") then
'Let's the code know if there is a output value ie: Item ID
blnOutput = true
strOutputParam =
Param.value = GetDataTypeEnum(param.Type,params(intCount))
end if
intCount = intCount + 1
end if


'Set the return value to be returned
if blnOutPut = True then
strOutputParam = cmdAddRS.Parameters(strOutputParam).Value
end if
set cmdAddRS = nothing
if err.number <> 0 then
addRS = False
addRS = True
End if
End Function
'--------------------------------------------End Function addRS------------------------------------------------------------

'--------------------------------------------Start Function updateRS-------------------------------------------------------
'This function performs an update for a particular item.
Function updateRS(strSPName,params())
'On Error resume next
dim strStoredProcedureName
strStoredProcedureName = strSPName
dim cmdUpdateRS
set cmdUpdateRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
dim rsUpdateRS
set rsUpdateRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
dim connNewConnection
connNewConnection = GetOpenConnection
cmdUpdateRS.ActiveConnection = connNewConnection
cmdUpdateRS.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
cmdUpdateRS.CommandText = strStoredProcedureName

dim param
dim intCount
dim blnOutPut
intCount = 0
for each param in cmdUpdateRS.Parameters
if <> "RETURN_VALUE" then
Param.value = GetDataTypeEnum(param.Type,params(intCount))
intCount = intCount + 1
end if

if blnOutPut = True then
strOutputParam = cmdUpdateRS.Parameters(strOutputParam).Value
end if

set cmdUpdateRS = nothing
if err.number <> 0 then
updateRS = False
updateRS = True
End if
End Function
'--------------------------------------------End Function updateRS---------------------------------------------------------

'--------------------------------------------Start Function GetParameterDirectionEnum--------------------------------------
'This function determines the direction of the parameter
Function GetParameterDirectionEnum(lngDirection)
  Select Case lngDirection
    Case 0 'adParamUnknown
      GetParameterDirectionEnum = "adParamUnknown"
    Case 1 'adParamInput
      GetParameterDirectionEnum = "adParamInput"
    Case 2 'adParamOutput
      GetParameterDirectionEnum = "adParamOutput"
    Case 3 'adParamInputOutput
      GetParameterDirectionEnum = "adParamInputOutput"
    Case 4 'adParamReturnValue
      GetParameterDirectionEnum = "adParamReturnValue"
    Case Else
GetParameterDirectionEnum = "Direction Not Found"
  End Select
End Function
'--------------------------------------------End Function GetParameterDirectionEnum----------------------------------------

'--------------------------------------------Start Function GetDataTypeEnum------------------------------------------------
'This function is used to determine the parameter type and validates the data accordingly.
Function GetDataTypeEnum(lngType,ByRef value)  
  Select Case lngType
    Case 0
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adEmpty"
    Case 2
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adSmallInt"
    Case 3
      GetDataTypeEnum = CLng(value)
    Case 4
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adSingle"
    Case 5
      GetDataTypeEnum = CDBL(value)
    Case 6
      GetDataTypeEnum = CCur(value)
    Case 7
      GetDataTypeEnum = Cdate(value)
    Case 8
      GetDataTypeEnum = CStr(value)
    Case 9
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adIDispatch"
    Case 10
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adError"
    Case 11
      GetDataTypeEnum = CBool(value)
    Case 12
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adVariant"
    Case 13
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adIUnknown"
    Case 14
      GetDataTypeEnum = CDBL(value)
    Case 16
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adTinyInt"
    Case 17
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adUnsignedTinyInt"
    Case 18
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adUnsignedSmallInt"
    Case 19
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adUnsignedInt"
    Case 20
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adBigInt"
    Case 21
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adUnsignedBigInt"
    Case 64
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adFileTime"
    Case 72
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adGUID"
    Case 128
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adBinary"
    Case 129
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adChar"
    Case 130
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adWChar"
    Case 131
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adNumeric"
    Case 132
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adUserDefined"
    Case 133
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adDBDate"
    Case 134
      GetDataTypeEnum = CDate(value)
    Case 135
      GetDataTypeEnum = CDate(value)
    Case 136
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adChapter"
    Case 138
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adPropVariant"
    Case 139
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adVarNumeric"
    Case 200
      GetDataTypeEnum = CStr(value)
    Case 201
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adLongVarChar"
    Case 202
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adVarWChar"
    Case 203
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adLongVarWChar"
    Case 204
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adVarBinary"
    Case 205
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adLongVarBinary"
    Case 8192
      GetDataTypeEnum = "adArray"
    Case Else
      'GetDataTypeEnum = "Type Constant Not Found"
  End Select
End Function
'--------------------------------------------End Function GetDataTypeEnum--------------------------------------------------

'The following are example procedures to implement the preceding functions.
Sub ExampleAddCountry
dim params(3)
params(0) = "0"
params(1) = "Test" & Now
params(2) = "0"
dim blnSucceeded
dim strOutput

blnSucceeded = addRS("sp_insert_c_Country",params,strOutput)

if blnSucceeded = True then
getlist strOutput

dim uparams(3)

uparams(0) = strOutput
uparams(1) = "0"
uparams(2) = "renamed" & now
blnSucceeded = updateRS("sp_update_c_Country",uparams)
if blnSucceeded = True then
getlist strOutput
Response.Write "ERROR: Update"
end if
Response.Write "ERROR: " & strOutput
end if

End Sub

'This example funtion returns a list of countries or a single country(if a country ID is provided)
Sub ExampleGetList(itemID)
Dim rs
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
dim params(1)

if itemID = "" then
params(0) = "0"
params(0) = itemID
end if
dim blnSucceeded
blnSucceeded = getRS("sp_select_c_Country",params,rs)

if blnSucceeded = True then
if rs.eof then
Response.Write "empty"
while not rs.EOF
Response.Write "
" & rs("intCCountryIDPK") & "-" & rs("vchCCountryName")
End if
Response.Write "Error"
end if
End Sub

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