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URLEncode opposite (URLDecode)

Posted: 2002-06-01
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The function Server.URLEncode converts a inputstring to an URL encoded outputstring. For example:
input: Server.URLEncode("part1?part2")
output: "part1%3Fpart2"
But what if you need the opposite functionality ? There is no function available for this so you have build this yourself. How ? By using regular expressions, of course.

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This function searches for %[HEX VALUE][HEX VALUE] and replaces them by converting [HEX VALUE][HEX VALUE] to an integer an converting the integer to an ASCII character.


Function URLDecode(sText)
sDecoded = sText
  Set oRegExpr = Server.CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
  oRegExpr.Pattern = "%[0-9,A-F]{2}"
  oRegExpr.Global = True
  Set oMatchCollection = oRegExpr.Execute(sText)
  For Each oMatch In oMatchCollection
sDecoded = Replace(sDecoded,oMatch.value,Chr(CInt("&H" & Right(oMatch.Value,2))))
  URLDecode = sDecoded
End Function

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