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Database paging in ASP

I wanted to add paging code in my project.I've seen all other codes on the site but they are not at all worth for me. Now I've written a code which is very easy to understand and can be used by any student or professional in their projects.

Original Author: Vivek Tanaji Kulthe


This program assumes that you have dsn = 'myDSN' or replace 'myDSN' with your existing DSN.


This program displays 5 records at a time from any database. You can change no. of records per page by changing the value of iPageSize variable


Const iPageSize=5 'How many records to show
Dim CPage 'Current Page No.
Dim Cn 'Connection Object
Dim Rs 'Recordset Object
Dim TotPage 'Total No. of pages if iPageSize records are displayed per page.
Dim i 'Counter
CPage=Cint(Request.Form("CurrentPage")) 'get CPage value from form's CurrentPage field
Select Case Request.Form("Submit")
Case "Previous" 'if prev button pressed
CPage = Cint(CPage) - 1 'decrease current page
Case "Next" 'if next button pressed
CPage = Cint(CPage) + 1 'increase page count
End Select
Set Cn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") 'create connection
Cn.CursorLocation = 3
Cn.Open "myDSN"
Set Rs=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 'create recordset
Rs.Open "Select * from studentmaster",Cn,2,2
If CPage=0 then CPage=1 'initially make current page = first page
If Not(Rs.EOF) Then Rs.AbsolutePage=CPage 'specifies that current record resides in CPage
TotPage=Rs.PageCount 'stores total no. of pages

Database paging example

by Vivek Kulthe (

Response.Write("") 'display title for table
For i=1 to Rs.PageSize
Response.Write ("") 'display table records upto PageSize
If Rs.EOF Then Exit For
'close all connections and recordsets
Set Rs = Nothing
Set Cn = Nothing
" & Rs.Fields(1).Name & "" & Rs.Fields(2).Name & "
" & Rs(1) & "" & Rs(2) & "

Page <%=CPage %> of <%=TotPage %>

" Method=POST>

<% If CPage > 1 Then %>

<% End IF%>
<% If CPage <> TotPage Then %>

<% End If %>

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