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What is a Zero Click Attack?

A Zero-Click Attack is a type of cyber attack where the attacker can compromise a device or system without the need for any interaction or input from the user. In other words, the attack can be launched without any action from the victim, such as clicking on a link or downloading a file.

Zero-Click Attacks can occur through a variety of means, including exploiting vulnerabilities in software or hardware, leveraging flaws in network protocols or configurations, or using social engineering tactics to trick users into unwittingly providing access to their devices.

Once a Zero-Click Attack is successful, the attacker can gain access to sensitive information, install malware, or take control of the compromised device. These attacks are often difficult to detect because there is no user interaction or visible activity, making them a growing concern for cybersecurity professionals.

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Posted: 2023-03-15
By: dwirch
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