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If you are a long-term user of this site, you may notice a few changes.

It's been awhile since I revisited the codebase that runs this place, so with a new year (2023) I decided to give it the ol' once-over.  Here is a brief list of changes to the site:

Removed Items:

Temporarily Offline

Besides removing and reworking the items listed above, the look and feel of the site has been updated (as you can see), and a literal ton of code has been tightened up on the back side. Further, the database that drives the site has been cleaned up, with some redesigns of some tables, functions, etc.

If you are missing something from the site and want to see it back, or you think you've found a bug, feel free to use the contact page to send me a note.


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Posted: 2023-04-07
By: dwirch
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dwirch posted this comment on 2023-08-23:

Ophion is back online and ready for use.  There may be some minor cosmetic issues, though.  If you see something, say something, and hit me up through the contact form.

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