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Email Like a Boss

And email is one of the most important (and most used) tools in workplace communication. Unlike talking directly in person or via video, emails don't usually come with an immediate response and you can't see the facial expressions of the recipient. This means you don't know if your message is coming across in a confusing way or if your email communication style is offputting.

Use the following phrases to get your point across in a more friendly way.  Because we all know you attract more bees with honey, rather than vinegar.

I took awhile. Deal with it.
Sorry for the delay
Thanks for your patience.
My schedule matters too.
What works for you?
Could you do xx:xx?
Yeah. You're welcome.
No problem / No worries!
Always happy to help!
I know what I am doing.
I think we should do xxxxx
It might be better if we do xxxxx
Wording this is hard.
*rewriting email for 40 minutes*
It would be easier to discuss in person.
Do you get it?
Hopefully that makes sense?
Let me know if you have questions.
Where the heck are we on this?
Just wanted to check in
Wehn can I expect an update?
I made a small error.
Ahh, sorry! My bad. Totally missed that.
Nice catch! Updated file attached. Thanks for letting me know!
I have an appointment
Could I possibly leave early?
I will need to leave at xx:xx for an appointment.

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