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13 Career Alternatives for IT Professionals

It's not uncommon for individuals with extensive experience in a specific field, like IT, to seek a change. Your expertise in IT has likely provided you with a wealth of transferable skills and knowledge. But what to do?  You've made a significant investment in building your skills and abilities, and it would be a pity to let all that knowledge go to waste.

So, I came up with a list of possible alternative career paths that may re-kindle your love of information technology and make it fun again.

Remember, when considering a career switch, it's essential to identify what excites or interests you. If you're unsure, it might be beneficial to work with a career counselor or coach who can provide personalized guidance based on your skills, experience, and passions. Whatever path you choose, your extensive experience in IT will be an asset, providing a unique perspective that others might not have.


With your depth of experience, you could offer consulting services to businesses, helping them optimize their IT infrastructure, digital strategies, or even assisting startups in building their tech foundations.


Many institutions, both formal (like universities or colleges) and informal (like coding bootcamps), value industry experts to teach the next generation. This could be in IT, computer science, or related fields.

Technical Writing

If you have a flair for writing, you could produce technical manuals, guides, or even articles on IT topics. Many companies need writers who understand the technical intricacies to communicate them clearly to a broader audience.

Project Management

Your years in the IT field could make you an excellent IT project manager, helping to bridge the gap between technical teams and other departments in an organization.

Sales or Customer Relations for Tech Companies

With your technical background, you'd be equipped to explain complex technical products to potential buyers or help customers troubleshoot and optimize the products they've purchased.

Tech Recruitment

Technical recruiters with a deep understanding of IT are invaluable. You could help tech companies find the right talent by leveraging your understanding of the required skills and industry needs.


Use your experience to identify gaps in the market and start a business. This doesn't necessarily have to be a tech startup. It could be in any field you're passionate about.


Guide the next generation of IT professionals by offering mentorship, either independently or through organized programs.

Research and Development

Join R&D departments in larger corporations where you can explore upcoming technological advancements and trends.

Tech Policy and Governance

With tech playing such a central role in today's world, there's a growing need for experts in tech policy, ethics, and governance. Your experience could be invaluable in these areas.

Non-profit Work

Use your tech skills to support causes you're passionate about. Many non-profits require IT expertise but can't afford top-market salaries. Volunteering or working for such organizations can be rewarding in other ways.

Transition to Art and Design

If you've always had an interest in design, consider fields like UI/UX design. Your technical background can be an advantage, understanding the backend and frontend aspects of product development.

Data Science or Analysis

If you've interacted with databases or have an inclination towards data, transitioning to data science could be an option. Companies value professionals who can derive insights from vast amounts of data.

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