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ExplorerPatcher Bug Fixed

A bug causing the Start menu on Windows 11 to break was recently patched by a third-party customization app developer.

Microsoft had initially stated that the issue was caused by third-party apps and recommended uninstalling them before installing the update. ExplorerPatcher has now released a new version with a fix for the bug. Microsoft distanced itself from the issue and stated that third-party customization apps used "unsupported methods." The blame was shifted to software developers, and Microsoft provided a workaround for affected users. The Windows Release Health page announced the resolution of the issue thanks to ExplorerPatcher's update.

The controversy surrounding the issue raised questions about who should issue a fix, with potential risks involved in installing third-party apps. Microsoft constantly releases updates to address challenges with its own apps.

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Posted: 2023-08-25
By: dwirch
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