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Windows 11 Update: MSI Boards Hit by Blue Screen Glitch

Microsoft's recent Windows 11 update has hit a snag. As reported by PCMag, following the newest update, certain Windows 11 users have encountered the dreaded blue screens of death (BSOD). Currently, the glitch appears to affect specific MSI motherboards. Thus, users are advised to verify their motherboard details before proceeding with the update.

The culprit behind the ongoing disruption is the KB5029351 update, launched earlier this month. The issues primarily impact MSI motherboards from the Intel 600 and 700 Series. MSI's current advice? Steer clear of this update if it isn't on your system yet.

The persistent error message points to an "unsupported processor," suggesting that the update isn't vital enough to warrant the hassle of repeated BSODs. If you've already installed the update and own an MSI motherboard, there is a temporary solution available to circumvent the problem as we await an official remedy from Microsoft.

Both Microsoft and MSI are on the case, actively probing the root cause. As of now, there's no projected timeline for a definitive resolution. Therefore, if your PC uses an MSI motherboard, it's wise to postpone any Windows 11 updates for now.

To identify your motherboard's manufacturer, navigate to System Information in your computer's settings. Under the System Summary, look for the BaseBoard Manufacturer and BaseBoard Product. If your motherboard is by Micro-Star International, cross-reference it with MSI’s model list, specifically focusing on the Intel 600 and 700 series, to ensure a smooth Windows 11 update experience.

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Posted: 2023-08-26
By: dwirch
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