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OneDrive's Unlimited Storage Era Ends

Microsoft has pulled the plug on unlimited storage for its OneDrive business plans. Previously, OneDrive for Business (Plan 2) was a go-to for large entities, providing limitless storage especially for vast media libraries at roughly $10/user/month.

Between 28 June and 14 July, this option vanished, as indicated by Now, new customers only have access to OneDrive for Business (Plan 1), which starts with a 1TB default cap. Although this can be expanded to 5TB based on the user count, it's still a far departure from the once limitless storage.

A Microsoft representative mentioned, “To cater to customer needs, we've simplified the purchasing journey for standalone OneDrive for Business plans. Existing clients can still add more seats and renew.”

The only available plan now is OneDrive for Business (Plan 1) at $5/user/month. Should you wish to explore more of the Microsoft 365 universe, the Business Basic package is priced at $6/user/month and the Business Standard at $12.50/user/month. However, all these plans max out OneDrive storage at 1TB.

For the old unlimited offer under Plan 2, companies needed at least five subscribers. The starting storage was 1TB/user, but this could be amplified to 5TB by administrators. If more was needed, up to 25TB/user was achievable via a request to Microsoft. Anything beyond this was allocated as 25TB SharePoint team sites for individual users.

For those in search of limitless storage, alternatives like Box, Carbonite, and OpenDrive remain available.

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Posted: 2023-08-28
By: dwirch
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