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DoorDash Introduces AI-Powered Answering Service for Restaurants

Posted: 2023-08-29
By: dwirch
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DoorDash is rolling out an innovative AI answering service for restaurants, potentially having customers communicate with AI for takeout or delivery orders. This service ensures every call is attended, helping restaurant staff to efficiently handle takeout requests and in-person patrons simultaneously. When patrons dial in, the AI system may suggest food pairings or offer language choices. Frequent customers can effortlessly reorder their preferred dishes.

Trent Hodson, DoorDash spokesperson, emphasized the company's commitment to tailoring their services to individual restaurant needs, noting that a universal solution for phone orders isn't feasible. In scenarios where neither AI nor human agents can resolve concerns, matters will be referred to the restaurant. Currently, this service is accessible only to specific partners.

It's worth noting that DoorDash isn't alone in merging AI with food ordering. Wendy’s, White Castle, and IHOP are all experimenting with AI, from drive-through chatbots to online personalized recommendations.

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