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Big Tech Pay Scale Showdown: Who Tops the List?

According to recent data from Blind, an anonymous tech workers' forum, Google and Meta lead the pack in compensating their software engineers, outpacing other Big Tech giants. Apple and Microsoft, on the other hand, tend to offer lower pay for entry-level engineers. However, as engineers climb the ranks, the pay disparities across Big Tech companies become less pronounced. Amazon, interestingly, has broader pay ranges for its engineers, and its employees might find themselves waiting longer for promotions.

This data stems from self-reported figures by Blind's users, spanning from the start of the previous year to now. It's noteworthy that while public companies disclose the average yearly compensation for their workforce vis-a-vis their CEOs, such granular, level-specific data remains under wraps unless job-specific. To maintain authenticity, Blind mandates users to validate their employment using their professional email.

Some more nuggets from the Blind's data:

For those hungry for more insights, the recent midyear compensation report from is worth a glance. It highlights, for instance, that an L5 engineer at OpenAI might pocket a whopping $900,000 annually!

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Posted: 2023-08-29
By: dwirch
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