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Google Investing $1.7 billion in Ohio Datacenter Expansion

Google has unveiled plans to funnel an extra $1.7 billion into the development of three data center campuses located in the heart of Ohio. With an operational center in New Albany and forthcoming hubs in Columbus and Lancaster, Google aims to supercharge its artificial intelligence capabilities and other technological tools.

While Google’s VP of government affairs and public policy, Mark Isakowitz, confirmed the new injection of funds will hasten the completion of the Lancaster and Columbus centers and bolster the New Albany facility, he remained tight-lipped about finer details.

In a notable twist, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, present during the announcement, clarified that no tax breaks or public perks were extended to Google for this venture.

As data centers mushroom across the nation, they've become financial lifelines for local administrations. However, it's worth noting these centers are power guzzlers, demanding hefty electricity supplies and high-voltage transmission pathways.

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Posted: 2023-08-29
By: dwirch
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