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Hackers Target Spyware Firm WebDetetive to Shield Surveillance Victims

Hackers reportedly breached spyware company WebDetetive, erasing device data to safeguard individuals from unwanted surveillance, as per a recent TechCrunch article. This move ensures that spyware users will no longer receive updates from their surveillance subjects. A note from the hackers, shared with TechCrunch, simply read: "Because #fuckstalkerware.”

Spyware grants its users sweeping access to the victim's device. From governments monitoring citizens to individuals stalking others, the software boasts capabilities like tracking a victim's keystrokes, eavesdropping on calls, and pinpointing their location. Shockingly, all these features are available at a price point "less than a cup of coffee". The modus operandi? Installing an inconspicuously named app on the victim's device, which remains hidden but offers complete access.

The breach at WebDetetive affected over 76,000 devices linked to the spyware and liberated more than 1.5 gigabytes of data from the firm's servers, claim the hackers.

Although TechCrunch hasn't independently verified the data's deletion from WebDetetive's servers, they were given a data cache by the hackers, showcasing their achievements. To further assess the data, TechCrunch collaborated with DDoSecrets, a nonprofit focusing on exposed datasets. The compromised data shed light on customer details, including their IP addresses and the devices they had targeted.

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Posted: 2023-08-29
By: dwirch
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