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Microsoft Edge Trims Features for a Streamlined Experience

Since its debut a few years ago, the new Microsoft Edge has established itself as a robust browser. However, in its journey, it's been packed with features that many users may have overlooked. A recent update aims to change that.

As per an announcement last week (as spotlighted by Neowin), Microsoft Edge v117, which is presently in its beta phase, will bid adieu to five features:

  1. Math Solver
  2. Picture Dictionary
  3. Citations
  4. Grammar Tools
  5. Kids Mode

The rationale behind this move, as stated by Microsoft, is to enhance the user experience and declutter the overflow menus. The sidelining of these features might also hint at their limited popularity among the user base.

To illustrate, after introducing the Citations feature in 2021, Microsoft swiftly relegated it to the “More tools” section. While some features like Math Solver have standalone versions available as apps on platforms like Android and iOS, others are unique to Edge.

Among the culled features, Kids Mode might be the most lamented. Launched in 2021, it allowed parents to enforce browsing restrictions for their kids, amplifying tracking protection, and ensuring SafeSearch was at peak settings. It also boasted themes inspired by beloved movies, including Pixar's Finding Nemo. When introduced, it was seen as a feature rival browser Google Chrome might benefit from replicating.

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Posted: 2023-08-29
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