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FBI Dismantles Pervasive Qakbot Malware Network

On Tuesday, U.S. officials revealed that a collaborative effort between the FBI and European counterparts successfully penetrated and took down a vast global malware system, active for over 15 years. This network was responsible for numerous cybercrimes, notably devastating ransomware assaults.

The operation led to the remote eradication of the malicious Qakbot software from thousands of compromised computers. While cybersecurity professionals commended the strategic shutdown, they also warned that the reprieve from cybercrime might be short-lived.

Martin Estrada, the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles, highlighted the breadth of Qakbot's impact, with almost every economic sector falling prey to its schemes. In just 18 months, around 40 ransomware attacks facilitated by the Qakbot network resulted in approximately $58 million in gains for its operators.

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Posted: 2023-08-30
By: dwirch
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