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Japan’s Top Cybersecurity Agency Hacked

Posted: 2023-09-01
By: dwirch
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In a stunning revelation, Japan’s premier cybersecurity watchdog, the National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC), fell victim to hackers. According to the Financial Times, China's military is suspected to be the orchestrator behind this breach.

The infiltration, which potentially began in October 2022, wasn't detected until mid-June 2023. By August 4, NISC publicly acknowledged the breach, admitting unauthorized access to their email exchanges. Barely a week later, on August 8, the agency raised alarms about potential phishing attempts, with fake NISC representatives reaching out through calls and emails.

Though Japan's official stance hasn't directly implicated China's People's Liberation Army, sources familiar with the matter, as cited by the FT, have hinted at their involvement.

In response to the cyber onslaught, Japan announced a massive 1000% increase in its cybersecurity budget for the next half-decade. Alongside, its military cybersecurity team is slated to grow fourfold, reaching 4,000 members.

The lingering question remains: Will these measures convince Japan's western counterparts of their cybersecurity commitment, especially in the face of potential Chinese cyber threats? The discovery of state-backed hackers deeply entrenched in Tokyo's defense mechanisms might make allies like the U.S. hesitant in sharing sensitive intel with Japan.

Sounds like a resume-generating event, in my opinion.

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