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Troubleshooting Printer Queue Issues

Posted: 2023-09-04
By: dwirch
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Experiencing stalled documents in your printer queue? This can be a frequent and exasperating problem, especially when in a rush. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you address this:

  1. Restart Devices

    • Simply reboot both your printer and computer. Often, this alone can fix about 90% of the issues.
  2. Check Printer Status

    • Ensure the printer is powered on and connected to your computer or network.
    • Look for offline status or any error messages/warnings on the printer's control panel.
  3. Inspect the Print Queue

    • Access the print queue on your computer to identify any error messages or jammed documents.
    • If you find any, consider canceling or deleting them before attempting to print again.
  4. Verify Printer Settings

    • Confirm that your printer is set as the default device and that the appropriate driver is in place.
  5. Update Software and Drivers

    • Search for any available updates for your printer or OS, and install if necessary.
    • Consider tools like Driver Booster to identify outdated drivers with ease.
  6. Clear the Print Spooler

    • Open the Services app, locate the Print Spooler service, stop it, and then delete all files in C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS. Afterwards, restart the Print Spooler service.
    • This method can also help resolve the 0x00000bc4 error.
  7. File Format Conversion (Hidden Tip)

    • Some PDF files can have trouble printing due to special characters. Convert such files to .doc and try again. The reverse might also work if a .doc file isn’t printing.

With these steps, you can navigate and hopefully resolve most printer queue hitches.

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