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Notepad++ Faces Multiple Buffer Overflow Issues

Several Buffer Overflow vulnerabilities have emerged in Notepad++, which could be potentially exploited for harmful intentions. These vulnerabilities range in severity from medium (5.5) to high (7.8).

These vulnerabilities concern heap buffer write and read overflows within specific functions and libraries of the Notepad++ software. GitLab security expert, Jaroslav Loba?š?ževski (@JarLob), identified them.

For those unfamiliar, Notepad++ is a renowned open-source code editor based on C++, designed for Microsoft's x86, x64, and AArch64 architectures. This software, developed by Don Ho, supports tabbed editing, which facilitates managing multiple files simultaneously in one window.

Despite being alerted, Notepad++ has yet to release any patches. As per their disclosure protocol, GitLab went ahead to disclose these vulnerabilities, providing the related proof-of-concept.

Vulnerability Details

Currently, there's no word on patches from Notepad++. However, GitLab's comprehensive report on these vulnerabilities provides deeper insights, proof-of-concept, sample code, and more.

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Posted: 2023-09-06
By: dwirch
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