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See Tickets Data Breach: Over 300k Users Affected

See Tickets, a ticketing agency under Vivendi SA, recently informed over 300,000 clients that their payment card information had been compromised due to a web skimmer attack. The company, which caters to a diverse array of events across North America and Europe, identified this malicious activity on several of its e-commerce platforms in May 2023 and successfully halted it by July.

The agency's investigation, carried out by a forensics firm, revealed that unauthorized parties had embedded harmful code into multiple checkout pages of See Tickets between May and June 2023. From February 28 to July 2, this code (known as a web skimmer) harvested users' names, addresses, and payment card details during checkout.

While See Tickets asserts there's no indication that the intercepted data has been misused, such information is often traded among cybercriminals for fraudulent activities. To enhance security, the company has introduced added protective measures. Notably, this is the second time in a year that See Tickets has reported a web skimmer incident. The prior breach, unveiled in October 2022, initially emerged in April 2021 but was only resolved in January 2022.

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Posted: 2023-09-11
By: dwirch
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