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Meta's Mega Move: Aiming for AI Supremacy

Meta is on a mission to develop a chatbot to rival OpenAI’s GPT-4, reports The Wall Street Journal. To achieve this, the company has been acquiring Nvidia H100 AI-training chips and investing heavily in data centers, reducing its dependence on Microsoft’s Azure for training purposes.

Earlier this year, Meta assembled a team to expedite the development of AI tools that can mimic human-like expressions. This aligns with the whispers about Meta’s ongoing generative AI projects. Recent leaks even hinted at an Instagram chatbot having 30 unique personalities, closely resembling the AI “personas” Meta is rumored to introduce soon.

However, the journey isn't smooth. This year saw considerable AI researcher exits at Meta due to resource allocation challenges across multiple Large Language Model (LLM) projects. The generative AI arena is also heating up. Despite OpenAI not hinting at a GPT-5 release anytime soon, Apple is investing heavily in its "Ajax" AI model, claiming it surpasses GPT-4. Other tech giants like Google and Microsoft are embedding AI deeper into their tools, while Amazon explores the potential of a chatbot-driven Alexa.

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Posted: 2023-09-12
By: dwirch
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